Moonshot: A disruptive call to challenge the status quo!

Do you possess the passion, desire and talent to solve some of the planet’s biggest manufacturing challenges? Are you ready to support disruptive ideas that can make a real change?

If you have what it takes to come up with exciting innovations, and you’re prepared to become a true Changemaker, EIT Manufacturing is here to help you launch your Moonshot project! If you want to join us in supporting, or investing in Moonshot projects, we are eager to hear from you too!

We will start at the beginning. A Moonshot project is a daring project that pushes technological boundaries, a breakthrough initiative that fosters European prosperity and provokes interest and excitement. Aside from promising much-needed societal change, the solutions resulting from a Moonshot should facilitate development of new markets and accelerate and scale the adoption of climate change solutions.

“Moonshots are an attempt to build the impossible, to show that seemingly crazy ideas can work. When it comes to the challenge of addressing climate change, we need this kind of bold thinking. And here it is where the ‘Moonshot Call’ makes sense: This call is seeking to engage and attract Changemakers, and unite them in a global community, to launch their own Moonshots and achieve real progress on green manufacturing challenges. 

Teresa Hernández, Head of Moonshot Programme and Innovation Manager at EIT Manufacturing.

THE IDEA: EIT Manufacturing Moonshot Call

EIT Manufacturing ‘Moonshot Call is a call for proposals that aims to identify, select and support Changemakers in addressing one of the most pressing challenges of manufacturing: Decarbonisation. EIT Manufacturing targets Changemakers working at the intersection of manufacturing and decarbonisation and aims to provide them with the necessary funding and support to accelerate the success of their disruptive ideas. After a selective process to choose the best participants, the Changemakers will receive financial support and the support of EIT Manufacturing community, so they can develop and test their ideas, working together with the most relevant actors of our ecosystem.  


The most important ingredient in a Moonshot is the people, the Changemakers. They will create the startups that can ensure a clean future of manufacturing.  “Changemakers are not concerned with how things have always been done,” said Teresa Hernández. “They are the misfits, the rebels, those who will have a real positive influence in our lives by daring to try new ideas.” 


THE CHALLENGE: Taking carbon out of production

For 2023, the challenge is decarbonisation of manufacturing, a goal chosen by EIT Manufacturing because it is vital for industry, the economy, society and the planet. Industrial production has entailed carbon emissions for so long that it might seem decarbonising manufacturing is impossible. This is exactly the kind of challenge that requires a Moonshot approach.



  • Opening Call for changemakers: January 2023
  • Closing Call and start of the evaluation process: February 2023
  • The selected Changemakers will be invited to continue the process and go through a matchmaking to build teams, develop their ideas and prepare their pitches.
  • A dedicated Moonshot Board will decide which teams will receive the support of EIT manufacturing community to develop their Moonshot.
  • Once selected, the teams will work on developing their solutions, with access to a wide range of support: The wealth of expertise from EIT Manufacturing, and financial support.
  • The selected teams will be evaluated periodically, and the future course of their project will be set.

PS: Further details on the application process and exact dates, will be released in the coming months.


If you want to take part in this amazing adventure, we want to hear from you, whether you are:

  • A Changemaker who wants to keep updated and receive more information about the Call
  • A potential Moonshot partner who can spread the word and support us in finding the potential Changemakers
  • A public institution with whom we can join forces to accelerate the program
  • A potential investor interested in investment opportunities

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