Co-Location Center Central

CLC Central drives innovation, education and business creation in our region

EIT Manufacturing Central GmbH, also known as “CLC Central” (or Co-Location Centre Central), is an integral part of EIT Manufacturing.

We host and implement various education, innovation and business creation activities of EIT Manufacturing, while fostering connectivity with local ecosystems. CLC Central covers the Central European region, including Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Ireland and Poland, the latter being classified as an RIS country with modest manufacturing innovation activity.

CLC Central is based in Darmstadt, Germany, in the southern part of the Frankfurt Metropolitan Region. A major centre of high-tech companies, scientific institutions, and universities, Darmstadt is often referred to as the “city of science”. Darmstadt also is renowned for its Artists’ Colony, which refers to a group of Art Nouveau artists as well as the magnificent Art Nouveau buildings in which these artists lived and worked around the year 1900. This part of Darmstadt, the “Mathildenhöhe”, was recently classified as a UNESCO world heritage site.