R3GROUP EU funded Project under Horizon Europe

We are proud to announce that EIT Manufacturing South East is participating in the EU-funded R3GROUP project. This project aims to develop and demonstrate resilience strategies for reconfiguration and will rely on the six reconfigurability principles to develop technologies along five pillars.  

R3GROUP will release an AAS-enabled platform for horizontal and vertical integrability for reconfigurability, follow the reconfigurable machine tool concept to develop production tools and technologies, and use multi-level digital twins to deploy a digital toolkit supporting rapid evaluation of reconfiguration impacts. It will also integrate innovative tools to capture the trigger for reconfiguration and perform multi-level monitoring, control and quality assessment to mitigate the reconfiguration impact. 

The main role of EIT Manufacturing South East and input expected will be focused on the social impact management of the R3GROUP project. Raising awareness about resilience strategies/technologies and facilitating open access to didactic material for best practices are two tasks that EIT Manufacturing South East has been assigned to accomplish and will promote the impact of the project to society. EU workforce up-skilling and re-skilling is also an important aspect of R3GROUP project along with the establishment of synergies with related educational EU-funded projects and our company will be the lead to these important set of goals too. 

Furthermore, EIT Manufacturing South East will also assist in other aspects such as supporting communication and exploitation as well as supporting the design of the human centred shopfloor for the project. 

The R3GROUP project started in January 2023 and will end in December 2026.