Augmented Mold for setting and supervision of Plastic product manufacturing

Augmented Mold for setting and supervision of Plastic product manufacturing- [AMPLI]

Augmented Reality (AR) offers new ways to interact with machines but has also brings the potential to interact with manufacturing and modeling. However, for further adoption, existing AR tools are still non specific enough to be relevant and need to offer dedicated platforms per industrial domain. The plastics industry has already introduced enabling technologies to achieve zero-defect manufacturing and improve workcells flexibility such as in-mold sensors, in-line quality control, autonomous devices or predictive models.

The objective of the project is to provide workers with real-time knowledge and information to improve decision-making and work procedures thanks to the development of an AR tool dedicated to the manufacturing value chain of polymer forming process. This AR tool is based on the combination of plastic domain based knowledge (from tuning, production and maintenance) and the integration of numerical simulation.


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