CLC East and CLC North – RIS Dedicated Activities

Within the context of this activity, CLC East and CLC North covering several EIT RIS countries will implement a set of activities (engagement, communication, administration, management) dedicated to individuals and organisations from EIT RIS eligible countries.

The CLC North and East COMM Managers will implement specific communication and dissemination activities that will be deployed in EIT RIS eligible countries for attracting individuals and organisations from these countries to collaborate with EIT Manufacturing. The CLC North and East Office Managers will facilitate the engagement of external organisations and individuals by organising relevant physical (or web-) meetings with the relevant EIT Manufacturing CLC and RIS personnel. Additionally, she will facilitate the onboarding of organisations by guiding them through the administrative tasks that they have to perform and they might miss experience about.

Involved Co-Location Centers:

  • CLC East (Leading organisation)
  • CLC North


Johannes Hunschofsky

Managing Director, CLC East