Digital Learning Nuggets for Knowledge Transfer on Worker Assistance Systems (LeNuWAs)


The idea behind this project is the creation of learning nuggets for companies interested in training their shopfloor managers and workers on the topic of worker assistance systems in assembly and production environments, provided on Skills.move.

The Learning Nuggets that are created within this project will help shopfloor managers, innovation officers, technology officers and decision makers but also workers to get an overview on existing worker assistance systems.

The learning nuggets will help identifying promising application possibilities in production processes as well as manufacturing environments. In addition, the nuggets will provide implementation strategies for an independent introduction of assistance systems. The graphical user interface as well as the learning content will address several user groups and correspond to a didactic concept.

Partners involved:

Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)

TU Darmstadt

TU WienTU Wien

TU Wien

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Whirlpool EMEA

Graz University of Technology