Digital Literacy – Enabling Workforce for Industry 4.0 (DigiLit)


The trend towards digitalisation and automation is one of the most important driving factors for the transformation of the manufacturing industry. For a successful transition into the digital age, manufacturing companies need a savvy workforce with a forward-thinking mindset and the appropriate skills.

While most employees today have deep domain knowledge, digital skills such as computational thinking and coding, are increasingly in short supply. This project aims to develop a professional training to address the digital skills gap in the manufacturing industry.

The proposed training is aimed at professionals in the manufacturing industry who have broad practical knowledge but need to improve their digital skills. The training will be based on a design thinking approach and a gender-sensitive, hands-on didactic method tailored to the needs of working professionals.

To maximize the learning experience, the training will combine two established learning platforms: Robotino and NEPO.

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Festo Didactic


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LINPRA Engineering and Technology Industries Association of Lithuania

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