Education to ROS opensource robotics (E-ROS4PRO)

Robot for educationRobot for education

E-ROS4PRO is an education package to train engineers from companies that are using manufacturing or service robotics operated with Robot Operating System (ROS), an open-source robitics software.

Industry 4.0 concepts push manufacturing companies to robotise their facilities in a different way: with smarter and more complex assembly tasks, with digitalised production lines as an end in itself, and with human-centered approaches, such as collaborative robotic tasks. Relying on a deep market understanding, E-ROS4PRO proposes a new approach to teaching mobile robotics, manipulation robotics, social robotics and Artificial Intelligence for robotics: It mixes continuous and initial education in a workshop format with a hackathon style (schools) and works on use cases faced by companies. It aims at training engineers from manufacturing but also service companies, startups and SMEs. E-ROS4PRO schools are meant to be easy to replicate with popular robots as an all-in-one opensource educational package.

Leading partner:

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Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology

Project consortium:

  • Aquitaine Robotics
  • Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology
  • Bordeaux INP
  • University of Tartu

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