EIT Manufacturing RIS Hubs

EIT Manufacturing RIS Hubs

The purpose of this activity is to establish and operate EIT Manufacturing RIS hubs in EIT RIS countries. The aim is to create a single point representation of EIT Manufacturing in EIT RIS countries, which in turn is expected to increase engagement and participation of local partners, support local innovators, raise awareness to and gain support from local/national authorities. More specifically, these hubs will be used as contact points for bi-directional dissemination of activities and opportunities, while at the same time, know-how transfer will be implemented for the facilitation of the needs of the companies (startups, scale-ups, OEMs). Additionally, dissemination towards the academic audience (faculty and students) will be implemented through the hubs. Finally, recruitment of new members is plausible for EIT Manufacturing through the activities of the hubs, with respect to capabilities, technologies and skills enhancement.


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