Flexible learning for ROS developers (ROS4DEV)


ROS4DEV is a flexible learning package for ROS solutions development in companies, startups, SMEs using opensource robotic software for manufacturing or robotics services.

Manufacturers needs to have smarter, flexible, digitalized & collaborative facilities. ROS4DEV proposes flexible trainings on advanced topics of ROS solutions developments with frugal AI (low latency and low power processing), supervised learning, learning by demonstration, cybersecurity software engineering methodologies (testing & deployment strategies).

The trainees will complete an on-line program adapted to their needs and participate to a flexible hands-on training organized around their real use cases and problematics that ROS4DEV intend to solve with them. The end-user trainees are integration engineers in manufacturing industry, ROS solution developers & graduates from the EROS4PRO activity as the learning outcome skillset of the proposed blended programme involves intermediate & advanced level ROS topics.

Activity Leader :