Industrial Mobile Manipulator Challenge (IMMC)

IMMC mobile manipulatorIMMC mobile manipulator

The project aims to set up an industrial mobile manipulator challenge (IMMC). Participants will have to develop and/or improve a mobile manipulator to solve relevant problems from different domains and adapt them to tackle unpredicted challenges.

In particular, various domains, such as agriculture, construction, food, health care, logistics, manufacturing, utility, etc., often face similar problems. Hence, each year will target a different domain with meta-challenges. The IMMC would, therefore, create a fertile environment for new ideas, where exciting tasks and diverse teams lead to creating solutions for challenging problems throughout different industries.

Further, it will focus on this diversity to form a network of people from different areas through old and new communication channels. So, it will allow interested people of all levels of education to gain valuable skills in robotics and transfer this knowledge into the different European industries.

Partners involved:


INESC-TEC Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering

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Joanneum Research

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LINPRA Engineering and Technology Industries Association of Lithuania

Politecnico di Milano

TU Delft

University of Zagreb

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