Learning Factories for Digital Transformation of SMEs II (FactoRIS II)


FactoRIS’s project goal is to support digital transformation of existing production infrastructure of RIS based SMEs towards waste-free manufacturing.

Typical challenges faced during this transformation will be identified. Best practice procedures will be developed for specific tasks aiming at waste minimisation, such as process optimization, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, lifespan extension of equipment by retrofitting, etc. These will be provided as guidelines with the aim to encourage creative thinking. Identified challenges and proposed solutions will be demonstrated on real testbeds in laboratories of activity partners (learning factories).

It is envisaged to use simulation technologies (digital twins), data collection and evaluation in cloud, and other suitable enabling technologies. Since similar challenges are relevant to RIS countries in general, networking and sharing of good practices among activity partners will extend the impact to a transnational level.

Lead Partner:

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Other involved partners:

Czech Technical University in Prague

TU WienTU Wien

TU Wien



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