Learning & Experimentation OpeN-Access factoRy for inDustrial wOrkforce 5.0

About the project

LEONARDO develops innovative teaching methods for human-centric industrial engineering and management (H-IEM) education by leveraging on a brewing system replica as a learning environment for students. 

Purpose of the project

The project is considering the context of the industry 5.0 paradigm and to foster innovation and entrepreneurial skills of students by providing the opportunity to develop and test ideas. 

Societal impact

LEONARDO addresses digital transformation through the development of digital readiness, resilience, and capacity. 

Future results & insights

The expected results are to create a small-scale brewing system as a hands-on learning environment, and to shape the future of H-IEM Education within the European community. 

Quote from the Activity Leader

LEONARDO is a catalyst for human-centric industrial engineering and management education, nurturing collaboration within the European community. Our mission: to cultivate innovation, equip the next generation of IEM students for Industry 5.0 challenges, and transform industrial workforce development through a future-focused skillset. With a project-based, gamified, and hands-on approach, students and educators embark on a journey to brew their first beer in a 5.0 human-centric production environment.

Antonio Padovano, Ph.D





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