The activity aims at the development of co-designed blended educational modules and hands-on sessions, developed with the industrial ecosystem and companies directly involved in the partnership. Therefore upskilling and reskilling are considered key elements for competitiveness in a rapidly changing technology scenario.

Contents include: technologies related to digitalization and automation of manufacturing processes, AI and VR/AR as enabling tools to leverage flexibility, productivity, competitiveness and greener processes. The automation and digitalization revolution that is taking place represents a great challenge especially for the manufacturing sector.

The main challenge, apart from research and innovation, is the ability to rapidly and effectively update the competencies of already employed technicians and managers, and to introduce and implement the new digital paradigms as key enabling technologies for more productive and eco-compatible manufacturing processes.

Main partner:

Alma Mater-Università di Bologna

Other partners involved:


Bonfiglioli Riduttori SpA



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