PLCs are an important part of any automated shop floor operations across all manufacturing industries.

They are frequently used not only in industry automation and OEM machinery sector (79%) but also in food industry (70%), automotive (69%), chemistry (53%), energy (48%) and building automation (41%) or transport (31%) [IRA 2021, p. 15]. To better prepare industrial professionals for the challenges of the digital transformation up- and reskilling of their existing workforce is essential. For that this projects aims at created comprehensive workshops on the role of PLCs and industrial automation with regards to Industry 4.0. For that, existing training PLC standards will be augmented with virtual representation, enabling remote and simulated workshops. Through a train-the-trainers approach professionals develop the skills necessary to drive innovation in their companies.

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Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB)

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LINPRA Engineering and Technology Industries Association of Lithuania

Łukasiewicz PIAP

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