Prescriptive Production Assistant

Prescriptive Production Assistant- [IVE]

The aim of this activity is to bring a new product – the shop floor intelligence assistant SIA – to assist manufacturing personnel (leaders and operators) in daily decision making and problem solving to the market. SIA is based on industrial-IoT technology from SFM Systems as well as machine learning know-how from SFM Systems and TU Darmstadt. It goes beyond current state of the art because it combines quantitative data like machining output and quality with qualitative data like root cause analysis for problems and action items from manufacturing teams. It will be comercialised by SFM Systems. The role of Magna and MAN Trucks & Bus is to act as first customers to help introduce SIA to the automotive sector in Europe. Other markets such as aerospace, electronics will contribute to scaling up the product after the project. This EIT Manufacturing project, a prescriptive production assistant (project name “IVE”), brings together entrepreneurship, research and industry.

Pillar: Innovation

Leading organization: TU Darmstadt

Contact: Alyssa Meißner (

Flagship: Zero Defect Manufacturing for a Circular Economy