This project reduces technological barriers to the use of robots or fleets in industrial environments.

This project will train a large pool of university students and professionals in advanced concepts of autonomous robotics, especially in the use of existing open-source libraries on mobile platforms. Advanced yet didactic training materials enable professionals to understand the inner workings of robotic systems implemented in ROS and other open-source frameworks. The courses are designed for professionals of all groups and skill levels. Building on the basic courses on ROS and robotic systems, the audience learns at a pace that suits their needs. Regular assessments of skill levels allow for the shortest possible training to achieve maximum impact.

Learners can choose to include additional theoretical background to supplement their practical skills with a scientific layer. This design will save many hours currently spent on unnecessary training due to inappropriate course content.

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University of TartuUniversity of Tartu

University of Tartu

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Czech Technical University in Prague

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