Online Certificate Programme: Blockchain in Industry 4.0 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

From 03 November – 15 December 2022 EIT Manufacturing East and Austrian Blockchain Center – ABC Research will host Blockchain in Industry 4.0 Online Certificate Programme: Blockchain in Industry 4.0 with free of charge on-site days Ljubljana, Slovenia.

This Certificate Programme focuses on the technological as well as the business aspects of Blockchain in Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). The application and implementation of Blockchain technology in these fields are at the centre of the programme.

Created to be open and flexible, it is intended for managers with a few years of experience in their industry, particularly those working in Management, Innovation, or as Project or Line Managers.

The programme consists of four Online Seminars with an emphasis on knowledge transfer. Participants will learn about the core and advanced concepts of blockchain technology and analyze the technology from a business and legal perspective. The online modules consist of weekly live sessions. External experts will share their views on selected topics.

On top of that, all participants are invited to join a two-day Classroom Training in Ljubljana, Slovenia, free of charge. These on-site days will focus on applying the theoretical knowledge through a mix of lectures, project-based group work and discussions.