Tuesdays From Future: Webinar take-aways

What potential for blockchain in manufacturing? How will blockchain change manufacturing and production?

“A common misconception is that blockchain equals bitcoin. It’s important to highlight that blockchain has evolved, with possibility of improving traceability, efficiency, confidentiality – and increasingly to promote monitoring of CO2 emissions and promoting circular economy”, said Sara Tucci, Head of Laboratory, Senior Research Engineer, CEA LIST in her introduction.

A bright and green future for blockchain.

According to Kary Bheemaiah, CTO from Capgemini INVENT, we are today talking about the 3rd generation blockchain which offer much more than the previous generations in terms of flexibility, traceability – aspects that can be very useful to understand and manage the supply chain, tracking the overall carbon tracking and environmental impact, choosing the most effective transportation, engineering complex products and also support trade and financial aspects

Let’s not forget that blockchain originally is a value transfer technology, and within manufacturing, this aspect can be helpful to provide alternative funding solutions to suppliers.

Kary Bheemaiah, CTO, Capgemini INVENT

To illustrate useful applications Kary Bheemaiah shared an example from Air France KLM, in which they used blockchain to reduce the carbon footprint in sensitive freight transport, by optimizing temperature – and eventually, decreasing the carbon emissions by 50 percent. Another example from the automotive industry, where blockchain technology was used to share information about vehicle component compliance.
In his presentation and whitepaper, that you can read in its entity on AGORA, EIT Manufacturing’s social innovation network, there is also detailed decision guide of when and what kind of blockchain could use, or not use.

You need to be very clear about the problem you want to solve. Sometimes it makes sense NOT to use a blockchain. Often the answer is no. You should not use blockchain when you can do it with a good excel macro.

Kary Bheemaiah

At the end of the webinar, Sara Tucci, Head of Laboratory, and Senior Research Engineer at CEA List, Robert Ballert, Sales and Channel Director at Vottun and Gabi Zodik, Director Blockchain and IoT platforms and IBM exchanged about the bright future for blockchain as well as the biggest challenges, such as adaption and education.

blockchain and manufacturing speakers

Curious to know more?

The webinar recording and read the full whitepaper, available on AGORA, EIT Manufacturing’s social innovation platform.