AIESMA Summer School

EIT Manufacturing AIESMA Summer School

(AIESMA) Artificial Intelligence-enabled Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Manufacturing Summer School

The goal of the this programme is to explore the synergy between artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability practices in the manufacturing sector. The programme aims to cultivate a cohort of forward-thinking individuals ready to shape the future of the industry. It focuses on providing a holistic and impactful learning experience that prepares participants to make meaningful contributions at the intersection of AI and sustainability. ​ The programme includes idea generation and project-based learning activities to enhance problem-solving skills and encourage teamwork and collaboration.

Important information

  • Programme dates: 08 July – 18 July, 2024 (Online) & 22 July – 02 Aug, 2024 (Onsite)
  • Last day to apply: 28 June 2024
  • Place: University of Trento, Italy
  • Certificate: EITM AIESMA Summer School Participation Certificate

Tuition fee

  • Full programme general fee: €1200
  • Participants from RIS countries and EITM Partner universities: €800
  • Women participants: Additional €50 discount on above categories (€1150 or €750)
  • Fee for online week only: €300 (€250 for women)
  • Fee for each onsite week: €500 (€450 for women)

How to apply?!

Apply before 28 June 2024

Get ready for a transformative hands-on learning experience

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The Curriculum

Choose to enroll in the week(s) that best suits you. However, we encourage enrolling into the full programme to learn and understand the concepts on a broader spectrum.

Online | 8-18 July, 2024

Innovative Manufacturing: Harnessing AI and Sustainability for Growth

The first part of the EIT Manufacturing AIESMA Summer School is an online training programme; it begins with an introduction to the objectives and themes of the programme, followed by presentations of real challenges from industry partners, with an emphasis on problem analysis.

The course bridges academia and industry, demonstrating how research can be exploited. Participants will explore the role of AI in manufacturing, covering trends, maturity models and applications, as well as sustainability at the enterprise and supply chain levels. Key topics include intellectual property management, ethical AI considerations and case studies from specific
innovation projects. The course runs for a total of 18 hours, with late afternoon sessions.


Onsite Week 1 | 22 – 26 July, 2024

AI & Sustainability in Manufacturing: Problem to Impact Design

The second week takes place at the University of Trento. It marks the transitionfrom theoretical learning to practical experience in a challenge-based learningenvironment. This week is focused on problem analysis. Participants deepentheir understanding and definition of the industrial challenges provided by thepartner companies.

Through interactive workshops, team-based project work and lectures fromindustry experts and academic lecturers, participants deepen their understanding of AI and sustainability in manufacturing. They will engage directly with these experts. They will gain insights into real-world applications of AI technologies and sustainable practices in manufacturing. Collaboration and knowledge sharing between peers, faculty and industry professionals is encouraged through ample networking opportunities.


Onsite Week 2 | 29 July – 02 Aug, 2024

AI & Sustainability in Manufacturing: Solution Prototyping to Validation

The third week focuses on developing solutions to the previously analysed challenges, continuing this on-site experience. Participants refine their solutions, incorporating feedback from mentors and peers. They also attend presentation skills workshops to develop effective communication strategies for pitching innovative ideas. The week culminates in final presentations to a panel of industry experts, where the solutions will be evaluated based on practicality, innovation and sustainability.

The programme concludes with reflective sessions. These allow participants to discuss their learning experiences and future applications of their skills. Throughout both weeks, sustainability remains a core theme, integrated into various sessions and projects.

Why should one consider enrolling to the whole 3-week programme?

The programme addresses the need for integrating technical skills with entrepreneurial and sustainability skills in the manufacturing sector. ​ It aims to prepare participants for future challenges by fostering innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. ​ The programme adds value by promoting competitiveness, green practices, and the adoption of AI in manufacturing. ​ It goes beyond the state-of-the-art by integrating innovative teaching and learning methodologies, such as challenge-based learning and self-directed learning assessment.

  1. Holistic Learning: The programme is tailored to integrate technical, entrepreneurial, and sustainability skills crucial in the manufacturing sector. It prepares participants for upcoming challenges by fostering innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurship, going beyond traditional teaching methodologies.
  2. Hands-on Experience: Emphasizing a learning-by-doing approach, participants tackle real-world challenges in manufacturing, enhancing problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The structured weeks guide participants from introduction to problem analysis to solution presentation, ensuring comprehensive understanding and practical application.
  3. International Exposure: Held in Trento, Italy, the program facilitates cultural exchange and global networking. Interaction with peers and industry professionals from diverse backgrounds provides insights into various perspectives and approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship in manufacturing.
  4. Focus on AI: With AI as a central theme, participants gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with this transformative technology. This focus is crucial in today’s manufacturing landscape, driving innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness.
  5. Expert Guidance and Mentorship: Throughout the program, participants receive guidance from innovation experts, industry professionals, and international faculty. This mentorship aids in overcoming challenges, refining ideas, and developing innovative solutions.
  6. Networking Opportunities: The platform allows participants to build relationships with peers, industry partners, and potential collaborators. Through team projects, social activities, and networking events, participants expand their professional network, paving the way for future collaborations and career opportunities.
  7. Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering essential topics like design thinking, AI applications, entrepreneurship skills, and innovation management, the program offers a holistic understanding of the innovation process, equipping participants with a diverse skill set for success in manufacturing.
  8. Sustainability Integration: Strong emphasis is placed on sustainability, guiding participants to integrate sustainability principles into their projects. By addressing environmental, social, and economic impacts, participants contribute to building a more sustainable future for the manufacturing industry.

Background knowledge required

The AIESMA Summer School welcomes participants with diverse backgrounds, but certain prerequisites are recommended to ensure an enriching and productive learning experience. While there is no strict requirement, the following backgrounds are beneficial for participants:

  • Engineering background
  • Basic Knowledge of Artificial Intelligence
  • Proficiency in English (a must)
  • Interest in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Commitment to Sustainability

How to apply?!

Apply before 28 June 2024

Get ready for a transformative hands-on learning experience

The topic of Summer School 2023 was about #CircularEconomy.

Meet one of our students from Summer School 2023

AIESMA Summer School - Meet Manju FernandoAIESMA Summer School - Meet Manju Fernando