Transforming manufacturing for the greener

The Moonshot initative by EIT Manufacturing fosters environmental sustainabiity in the manufacturing industry through disruptive innovation. The Moonshot programme aims to transform production for the greener, bringing together all the players that make this possible, and building a community to develop breakthrough solutions capable of tackling this huge challenge. Welcome to the Green Manufacturing Revolution.

Making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050

The Challenge

Manufacturing is the most polluting industry in the world. The production of goods generates 31% of global CO2 emissions, i.e. 15.8 billion out of the 51billion tonnes of CO2e per year. Therefore, manufacturing has a great responsibility and the opportunity to plays a key role in achieving the European Green Deal’s aim of making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. 

But if we continue with business as usual, European factories will not be able to achieve climate commitments on time. We need to rethink manufacturing,  both what we manufacture and how we manufacture. Environmental sustainability must become one of the main factors to be considered in manufacturing processes. And innovation should be the tool to make it happen. 

This is why EIT Manufacturing is launching the Moonshot programme: to create a space, a community, in which disruptive innovation, manufacturing and sustainability come together to transform manufacturing into a more sustainable, regenerative and green system. 

Do you dare to solve one of the world’s biggest manufacturing challenges?

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The Moonshot community

The Moonshot programme is focused on building a community to develop disruptive innovations to transform the manufacturing to the greener, in compliance with the European Green Deal. This community will put changemakers at the centre. They will be supported by EIT Manufacturing and their community, main players in the European manufacturing industry.

To enable this community to exchange, we have created a virtual space on AGORA, EIT Manufacturing’s social network and open innovation platform for the pan-European manufacturing ecosystemWe invite you to join the Moonshot community to:

  • Share your thoughts and experiences with the community. 
  • Discuss what Moonshots are, and how we can support changemakers 
  • Engage with other community members and stakeholders 
  • Learn about different activities and calls EIT Manufacturing offers.

Let’s work together for a more sustainable manufacturing! 



The programme focuses on changemakers. They are the ones who have the skills and capacity to change the industry. Collaborative individuals who pioneer radical solutions to change manufacturing for the greener. They are the most important ingredient of the Moonshot programme. Changemakers are not concerned with how things have always been done. They are the misfits, the rebels, those who will have a really positive influence on our lives by daring to try new ideas. 

Together, EIT Manufacturing and the Moonshot community will provide them with the resources to help them design a clean future for manufacturing and to create change by doing things differently.  

Are you leading a start-up with a disruptive solution that can radically change the course of the manufacturing industry towards sustainability? Join the Moonshot community to help you make it happen.


Why Moonshots

It is time to think differently. Conventional solutions are often not enough when facing big challenges. We need disruptive solutions to make the impossible possible. Betting on the unimaginable to achieve an unattainable goal. This is where Moonshots thinking is needed: to imagine innovative and disruptive solutions that if they work – however improbable that is – will be capable of changing the world.

A Moonshot is a daring project that pushes technological boundaries, a breakthrough initiative that fosters European prosperity and provokes interest and excitement. Aside from promising much-needed societal change, the solutions resulting from a Moonshot project should facilitate development of new markets and accelerate and scale the adoption of climate change solutions.


EIT Manufacturing Moonshot Allies


23 JANUARY 2023

Moonshots at Green Accelerator Davos 2023

The start-ups T_NEUTRAL, H2GO Power and Ucaneo have presented their disruptive climate innovations at Green Accelerator Davos 2023. This is an example of how the Moonshot community can help changemakers drive their success and build their solutions to transform manufacturing into a more sustainable, regenerative, and green system.

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5 december 2022

Moonshot thinking masterclasses for a greener manufacturing

The aim of these masterclasses is to raise awareness of moonshots in the EIT Manufacturing community members and provide them with tools so that they can actively participate in the Moonshot Programme.​ The workshops focus on how to apply moonshot thinking in manufacturing​ to achieve a more sustainable production.

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26 MAY 2022

EIT Manufacturing Moonshot Call presented at Green Accelerator in Davos

EIT Manufacturing enlisted support for Moonshot, an initiative which seeks disruptive solutions that can decarbonise manufacturing, in front of an exclusive audience of forward-thinking executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and startups at The Green Accelerator in Davos, Switzerland, on 25 May 2022.

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Get on board this rocket. Destination: Green Manufacturing

Green manufacturing establishes renewable production processes and environmentallyfriendly  practices in manufacturing companies. These processes help limit the influence of manufacturers on on climate, and the environment and restore and regenerate the harm previously done. 

How to take part?

If disruption, manufacturing and green are words that resonate with you, this is your place. Your are invited to take part in if you are:

  • A changemaker who wants to keep updated and receive more information about the programme
  • A potential Moonshot partner who can spread the word and support us in finding the potential changemakers
  • A Public Institution with which we can join forces to accelerate the programme
  • A potential investor interested in investment opportunities
  • Any person, company and/or organisation that feels it can support the programme in some way.

Join us in this amazing adventure!

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