Jumpstarter – Participant testimonials

Jumpstarter – Participant testimonials

The EIT Jumpstarter is one of the most well-known European pre-accelerator programmes for individual entrepreneurs with a business idea in its early stages.


“During the program, we raised the idea/system from the garage-prototype level to the customer- and industry-ready system and followed by the first successful sales.” 

– Damir Grguraš, Assistant at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


“Jumpstarter helped us rethink our business idea, frame it better to make it more attractive to potential customers”.  

– Liucija Urbelyte, R&D Intern – Bioactive Compounds at Universidad de Alcalá (UAH)


“The knowledge we acquired in this competition, the business plan and the confidence on the project launched us to a 3rd prize in the European competition, BoostUp! Now, we are closer to establish our startup!” 

– Nuno Frutuoso, FabInventors Co-Founder & CEO

“The Jumpstarter program is great for anyone who wants to take their business idea further. If you have an idea you believe in, you should apply. The Jumpstarter program is a great opportunity to test your wings.” 

– Damir Grguraš, Assistant at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


“The EIT Manufacturing RIS is a valuable instrument supporting the local manufacturing ecosystem to enhance its innovation capabilities and stimulate technology transfer,”

– Mr. Petr Samanek, the representative of EIT Manufacturing Hub in the Czech Republic, shares his experience.

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