The 14th Annual Capital Link Sustainability Forum, entitled “Sustainability – Investments & Economic Growth” will be held as an in-person event on Tuesday, May 28th, 2024, under the Auspices of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, at Divani Caravel Hotel.

Adopting Sustainability and integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria is the only option for sustainable development – especially in the present era, which is marked by exponential technological advancements across various levels, sectors, and industries. In this rapidly evolving environment, it is imperative to leverage an array of financial and investment tools.

Economic growth is evolving, and now revolves around the ESG investment philosophy that is increasingly adopted both by investors who wish to contribute to sustainable development through their investments, and by fund managers who choose investment tools that also contribute to Sustainability.

The transition to a sustainable tomorrow is huge and requires all parties to collaborate so that adopted measures can bring about a new approach not only to finance, but also to the economy and society in general.

The “14th Annual Capital Link Sustainability Forum” will cover these critical issues as well as the initiatives undertaken in this context.

The Forum is organized on an annual basis with the participation of senior representatives from the Greek Government, Local Government representatives, senior executives from both the public and the private sectors, and Greek-American entrepreneurs. Coming together, these important figures cover crucial topics and initiatives they have undertaken that contribute to Sustainable Development, as well as Social and Economic Transformation, and the way the private sector and the State can effectively enhance their capabilities and resources in order to achieve their common goal, which is none other than Sustainability, Investments and Growth.

  • Sustainability in Strategic Business Planning
  • ΑΙ – Investments & Growth
  • Digital Commerce: A growth opportunity for Greece
  • National Strategy for Sustainable Financing: Mobilizing Resources to Finance Investments
  • Banks in the Transformation of the Greek Economy: is ESG cliché or really necessary?
  • International Capital Markets & Sustainability (Foreign Banks & Sustainability)
  • Institutional Investors & Sustainable Development
  • Keynote with Mr. George Μ. Logothetis, Executive Chairman – Libra Group