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Tech Radar by EIT Manufacturing

The Tech Radar, developed by EIT Manufacturing, is a new digital tool designed to help you easily identify emerging innovation hotspots and map out the latest technologies in manufacturing. The Tech Radar is continuously updated to bring you an overview of high-TRL technologies that have the greatest potential to transform and revolutionize manufacturing processes.

With the Tech Radar, you can stay updated on emerging manufacturing trends, explore EIT Manufacturing projects and supported companies, and identify potential business opportunities through provided use cases. It’s a comprehensive tool that helps you understand the skills needed to innovate in line with technological trends.



Who benefits from the Tech Radar?

Numerous users reap the advantages offered by the Tech Radar, including:

  • Manufacturing companies seeking to streamline production processes for cost-effective and efficient operations.
  • Product developers aiming to align product development with market demands, ensuring optimal market fit and pricing.
  • Universities and RTOs striving to bridge the gap between academia and the market, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and innovation.

How and what you can use it for?

This new digital tool helps you map out and foster connections that can be relevant to the European manufacturing sector. How?

  • providing an overview of ongoing EIT Manufacturing activities and technologies
  • enabling the matchmaking process with potential project partner’s consortia.
  • easily find EIT Manufacturing partners who have been active in developing a specific technology and consider them as potential partners to form consortia for the open Calls.

Let’s Navigate Tomorrow’s Tech Landscape

Discover insights on emerging technologies in manufacturing, and relevant products and reskilling/upskilling resources funded by EIT Manufacturing

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Check out also a dedicated Industry & Tech Watch Sphere on AGORA, the place to find inspiring insights about the manufacturing industry and the latest technology trends.

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