CanvAAS – bridging a fragmented industry landscape

Case Study: CanvAAS – bridging a fragmented industry landscapeCase Study: CanvAAS – bridging a fragmented industry landscape

EIT Manufacturing’s CanVAAs project aims to bridge a fragmented industry landscape and accelerate digitalisation by providing a common standard and training methodology to facilitate a smooth transition to industry 4.0.

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The CanvAAS toolset will be available in the Eclipse platform, where it will be published as a component of the Eclipse Papyrus project.

CanvAAS toolset

The Asset Administration Shell is the most promising standard to ensure interoperability and to implement the digital twin approach. CanvAAS is providing an easy-to-use software toolset that will empower the adoption of the standard within the I4.0 community.

Saadia DHUIB, Project Manager, CEA List

Project Consortium:

  • Technology providers: CEA List and DFKI. They built an innovative software solution (CanvAAS toolset) that was tested and validated by POLIMI (Industry 4.0 experimental facilities).
  • Experimental production line: Whirlpool & POLIMI
  • Business champions: Festo Didactic & Sherpa Engineering. FESTO tested the CanvAAS toolset on a Robotino based scenario, and they are integrating the CanvAAS toolset in their product portfolio of Learning Systems for Industry 4.0.

The EIT Manufacturing support helped to produce a new open-source toolset that is expected to increase the adoption of the AAS standard and subsequently foster flexible and inter-operable production systems for competitive manufacturing. EIT funding allowed for transforming the idea into a tangible outcome, which can now be deployed and shared on a larger scale thanks to the Open-Source philosophy and the EIT Manufacturing ecosystem.

Saadia Dhouib, Project Manager, CEA List