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The Doctoral School: Turn your thesis into a startup

The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School supports PhD students in transforming their research results or patents into marketable solutions.

The programme involves PhD students from selected universities and may include collaboration with industry partners from the EIT Manufacturing community which help create an industrial doctorate position. These partners come from a variety of sectors such as automotive, aerospace, process industry, machinery and equipment, electronics, Information and Communication Technologies or medical technologies.

The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School goes beyond traditional PhD studies to deliver an international two-year education focused on manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship. The educational experience is enriched through five months, in which students are given the opportunity to move in academic and non-academic environments.

During the first year, students spend part of their time deepening their knowledge of specific manufacturing aspects, such as green manufacturing, robotics, production systems, etc. In parallel, they work on the ideation of a marketable solution for their PhD topic, through design thinking methodologies.

In the second year, the programme continues its focuses on entrepreneurial aspects, as participants develop their own innovations. Students work on definition and eventual launch of an innovative start-up, which can be supported further on its market path by other EIT Manufacturing initiatives.

The portfolio of courses of the Doctoral School is also offered to students who cannot enrol in the full programme but are still interested in experiencing entrepreneurship education. They can take a short course, involving innovation webinars lasting a few days, a two-week course, or a full two-year course through the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme. Participants who choose this option will receive a certificate of participation, but not the EIT Label.

Applications are made through the EITM Doctoral School applications portal.

IMPORTANT: if you are not a PhD student enrolled in one of the universities below, don’t feel excluded! You can attend our Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programme or our short courses:

Who can apply to the Doctoral School?

We are looking for PhD students who wish to build up entrepreneurial, innovation and business skills, and who attend the following EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School university partners:

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Arts et Metiers Institute of Technology

Czech Technical University in Prague

Grenoble INP

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava



University of TartuUniversity of Tartu

University of Tartu

Mondragon University