Girls Go Circular

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Girls Go Circular is an initiative under Action 8 of the EU Digital Education Action Plan that aims to close the digital gender gap by equipping girls with digital and entrepreneurial competencies, as well as an understanding of the circular economy.

Girls Go Circular supports schoolgirls, or any student, to develop their digital and leadership skills while learning about the circular economy and finding solutions for a sustainable future.

The project’s methodology is based on a learning-by-doing approach that engages students in different activities, such as online research, entrepreneurial role-play or challenge-based exercises.

The digital skills developed align with competence areas 1-3 of the EU Digital Competence Framework 2.0.

The project’s online learning platform – Circular Learning Space – offers participating students the opportunity to:

  • Acquire knowledge on the circular economy.
  • Gain insights into the steps taken by businesses toward the circular economy.
  • Improve their digital and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Come up with their own solution to societal and environmental challenges.
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