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LINQcase supplies non-destructive testing equipment, based on electromagnetic techniques, for quality assurance of ferrous parts. The company also executes intelligent automation turn-key projects based on their Canvas Digital Brain, a middleware that anticipates any material handling needs on a production floor and manages their flow in real time.

EIT Manufacturing has given us the opportunity to get in touch with new customers and experts in sectors in which we are not working currently. — Their introductions to new customers have generated sales leads that will potentially end up in real sales.

Alberto Vaqueriza, Sales Director, LINQcase

Infinite Foundry

Infinite Foundry specialises in building 3D digital twin production environments for industry. The solution is fully customisable to the goals required by the customer to: (1) improve their production monitoring capacity and reduce production problems; (2) optimise layout and operational efficiency; (3) ergonomically and in real time map manual posts and virtually train workers in an exact digital replica of their workplace.

EIT Manufacturing Business Creation, when introducing us to a potential new customer, has already pinpointed a challenge they have, which helps us tremendously to focus on how our technology can address those challenges. … EIT Manufacturing is a fantastic partner as they are very well connected and can give an important boost to the sales cycle of a company.

André Godinho Luz, CEO, Infinite Foundry


Synsor.ai is building a deep-learning-based visual inspection solution for tough quality control use cases in the manufacturing industry.


I was most happy with the level of expertise the experts brought to the table, with years of industry experience in the relevant verticals and broad knowledge of current innovation topics. … The EIT program provides valuable experience and insights that can help refine your own idea or product to reach a product market fit quicker.

Benjamin Gosse, CEO, Synsor.ai

Oculavis GmbH

Oculavis GmBH is transforming the way that people interact with machinery and equipment. They provide augmented-reality-powered remote support, which visually connects experts, technicians and end users of machinery and equipment all over the world.

EIT Manufacturing is a great place to receive valuable feedback for innovations that are targeting producing companies. Their large network, with introductions to potential clients, is the icing on the cake

Martin Pultz, CEO, Oculavis GmbH

R3 – Reliable Real-Time Radio

R3 – Reliable Real-Time Radio develops and distributes EchoRing, a URLLC wireless protocol for use in industrial applications such as intra-logistics and smart manufacturing. Their mission is to extend Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things to any client and budget.

We received several new entry points in our target markets and got in touch directly with new relevant contacts. … EIT Manufacturing Business Creation provided an additional valuable path to potential business through their valuable network within our target markets.

Bernd Kremer, Head of Business Development, R3

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