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EIT Manufacturing connects diverse networks and areas of expertise that are essential to industrial innovation. 

Through its Education activities, EIT Manufacturing seeks to empower Europe with people who are capable and inspired to shape the future of manufacturing. Its Innovation pillar helps the European manufacturing community, including companies and tech organisations, to industrialise innovative projects, and its Business Creation team empowers high-growth, profitable companies that have a positive social impact.  Finally, EIT Manufacturing’s Regional Innovation Scheme RIS is designed to overcome disparities between regions by strengthening the local innovation ecosystems in countries that are moderate or modest innovators. These areas are bridged through dedicated programmes and by strengthening links between key innovation actors.

EIT Manufacturing’s 2030 Goals

  • 30% of material use is circular
  • 60% of production uses sustainable practices
  • Create 360 new solutions
  • €325M investment attracted by EIT ventures
  • 50,000 people trained and up- or re-skilled
  • Create and support 1,000 startups

Our functional areas, called pillars, represent different facets of the knowledge triangle.

Four functional areas – our pillars

Working on a Robotic DroneWorking on a Robotic Drone


EIT Manufacturing’s educational and training activities aim to enable the current and future industrial workforce to respond to societal challenges and market needs. Improving the capacity of the manufacturing workforce is at the heart of the ongoing digital and green transformations. EIT Manufacturing wants to empower European companies with people who are capable and inspired to shape the future of manufacturing.

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Innovation is about creating value and impact. Our purpose is to support innovation, bringing knowledge from universities and institutes to real use in industry.
EIT Manufacturing supports European manufacturing companies & technology organisations to launch and industrialize demonstrated breakthrough solutions with high business growth potential.

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Business creation

EIT Manufacturing is creating an encouraging environment for business creation through support of entrepreneurs, researchers, start-ups, scale-ups and established companies.

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Regional Innovation Scheme

EIT’s Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) enables the transfer of good practices and know-how from the EIT’s unique approach to boosting innovation across the entire continent. EIT’s Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) aims to widen participation in all EIT Manufacturing’s activities and programmes – by actively engaging countries with lower participation – while working to close identified innovation gaps

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EIT Manufacturing is headquartered in Paris-Saclay and has six Co-Location Centres (CLCs) across Europe.

EIT Manufacturing’s Co-Location Centres (CLCs) are strategically situated to link regions that have high levels of manufacturing activity and advanced technology.