EIT Manufacturing Spring School

EIT Manufacturing Spring School 2024

Spring School: Empowering Entrepreneurs in Building Sustainable Technologies

The EIT Manufacturing Spring School 2024 offers an exciting opportunity for participants to delve into the dynamic realm of sustainable building technologies through the Data Usage challenge. This challenge focuses on harnessing the power of data and leveraging the Technology Roadmap Strategy (TRM) as a guiding framework. TRM enables participants to navigate the complex landscape of technological advancements and strategically select the most suitable technologies to meet the challenge objectives effectively.

Throughout the programme, participants will engage in hands-on exercises and simulations, immersing themselves in real-world scenarios where they acquire and analyze data for their systems. By employing TRM principles, participants will learn to identify key technology trends, assess their feasibility, and map out a roadmap for integrating these technologies into their solutions.

A key aspect of the challenge involves the development of cutting-edge algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enhance the functionality and performance of their technology. Participants will explore innovative approaches to data analysis and interpretation, leveraging AI to derive actionable insights and optimize their systems for maximum efficiency and sustainability.

How to apply?

Applications for 2025 will open early February 2025.

Stay tuned!

Important dates

  • Programme: Early April 2025
  • Last day to apply: 31 March 2025

Good to know

  • Programme location: Yet to be decided
  • Eligibility: Bachelor graduate interested in innovation, technology & entrepreneurship
  • Certification: 2 ECTS; Spring School Participation Certificate

Learning outcomes

Through this programme, you will gain valuable experience in data-driven decision-making, understanding technologies on a business perspective, market analysis, and innovation management within the context of sustainable building technologies. You will emerge equipped with practical skills and strategic insights to address the evolving challenges of the industry and drive positive change towards a more sustainable future.

Seize the opportunity to be part of a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional hackathons, shaping your understanding of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship

Join the EIT Manufacturing Spring School and be at the forefront of sustainable technology solutions!

Programme fee

  • General fee: €400
  • Fee for partner university students: €250
  • Fee for women and RIS country students: €250

What is included?

  • Food: Lunch, snacks and coffee
  • Company visit: To one of innovative companies
  • Cultural activities: A tour of the city understanding it’s history & culture

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