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The “EIT Manufacturing” website is published by EIT MANUFACTURING, a French non-for-profit association (association loi 1901) registered with the National Directory of Associations of Essonne in France (W913012329).

  • Siret number: 880 778 576 00012
  • Whose registered office is located at: Paris-Saclay, NanoINNOV, 2 Boulevard Thomas Gobert, 91120 Palaiseau, France;
  • E-mail address: Contact details of the EITM and its CLCs

Due to not-for-profit nature of the activities, our association does not have an EU VAT number.

  • FR VAT: FR62 880778576

The Director of the publication is: Ms. Cristina Carneiro

Our website is hosted by: Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics
University of Patras
Rio, Patras 26504, Greece

Tel: +30 2610 910160, +30 2610 910166, +30 2610 997262

Fax: +30 2610 997314

Our Web design and maintenance partner: IN THE COLD AB

located at Aronsgatan 12, 941 32 Piteå, Sweden;

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You can contact us at any time using the following contact address (

You are an external organization or a person and you have witnessed a situation that is bringing concerns to you and you want to raise an alert for Fraud?

Please send an email to to inform us and we will support you in the next steps.