The Best Practice Classes on Innovation Policy for Authorities

The Best Practice Classes on Innovation Policy for Authorities (BPC) is a tailormade training for public authorities aimed at providing regional and national policy makers with insights and best practice examples that will ultimately allow them to strengthen the design, implementation and assessment of their innovation policy mix for the manufacturing sector.

In close cooperation with the authorities of the relevant country, the objective of this training is to identify bottlenecks within the local ecosystem and equip participants with the tools and resources necessary to foster an innovation-friendly ecosystem that promotes smart and sustainable manufacturing.

During the training, participants explore various tools for the enhancement of innovation policies. Building on the corresponding Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3), best practice examples have a focus on leveraging the innovation potential in EIT RIS countries.

EIT Manufacturing’s Best Practice Classes on Innovation Policy (BPC) for Authorities have a proven track record of success, with three editions successfully implemented. The first edition was held in 2021 in collaboration with the Slovak Ministry of Economy, the second edition took place in December 2022 and was specifically aimed at training civil servants of the Development Agency of Serbia (RAS) and 17 regional Development Agencies (RDAs), and the third edition took place in December 2023 in collaboration with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TÜBİTAK).

Key Elements of Best Practice Classes on Innovation Policy:

  • Tailored training: the BPC is customised to assist authorities in identifying specific needs and bottlenecks within their regions or countries. We collaborate closely with relevant authorities to ensure the training aligns with the local context and priorities.
  • Workshop structure: the training is organised with an interactive approach, offering participants an immersive learning experience.
  • High-level expertise and peer-learning: trainers from the two previous editions include representatives of international organisations, regional and national authorities, research institutions and other organisations playing a leading role in the innovation ecosystem.
  • Networking and collaboration: facilitate networking opportunities for authorities to connect with peers, experts, and industry stakeholders. This network can lead to ongoing collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the creation of opportunities.

EIT Manufacturing’s BPC is a proven platform for authorities to acquire top-notch competencies and expand their connections with peers in other countries and key stakeholders. Join us in this journey to drive economic growth and sustainability through innovation policy.

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