Testimonial: Johanna Stiernstedt

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Johanna StiernstedtJohanna Stiernstedt
Managing Director, Co-Location Centre North

Johanna Stiernstedt

Can you describe your job and tell us what you like about it?
As Innovation Manager, my role is to bring people and ideas together. This includes supporting the transfer of ideas and research from universities and research institutes for implementation in the manufacturing industry. I’m motivated by seeing people grow, both team members and project partners, and by having the opportunity to work towards a sustainable industry.

Name an achievement you are particularly proud of?
I am proud of having organised an online matchmaking with 190 pitches, using a digital tool because the pandemic made it impossible to travel. I was responsible for adapting the digital tool to our needs and making sure it was filled with content. There was a lot of interaction between people and many new connections were made, leading to a very high number of project proposals for our call.

What kind of background do you recommend for your job (study level, professional experience)?
Many backgrounds are possible, and the key is to have a diverse team. My experience with research in both academia and industry is very helpful, but experience in innovation management is really valuable too.

How does your job contribute to transforming Europe’s manufacturing/society?
Our main targets when promoting and supporting projects are environmental and social sustainability. Thus we are working towards reduction of carbon footprint and the creation of high quality jobs.