East Region
Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia

About us

EIT Manufacturing East serves seven countries in Central and Eastern Europe: Austria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. In close collaboration with our partners, our network and the local ecosystems, we bring together leading manufacturing actors from industry, academia and research across Europe to make innovation happen, building a bridge to manufacturing innovation in Central and Eastern Europe. We work through the knowledge triangle that includes Business Creation, Education and Innovation, and put a strategic focus on the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS) – the EIT Community’s outreach scheme to transfer good practices and know-how.

EIT Manufacturing East is based in the Technology Center Seestadt in Vienna, Austria, surrounded by an innovative ecosystem of startups, industry, technology companies, and research centers.

We are constantly expanding our network and looking for new partnerships. If you a interested in joining the EIT Manufacturing East ecosystem, please reach out to us!

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Our Partners

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Additive Manufacturing Austria
Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics CTU
Czech Technical University in Prague
EuroCC Austria
Industry Innovation Cluster (IIC)

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Supporting Organisations

Additionally, CLC East is financially supported by three Austrian federal ministries, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG as well as the Vienna Business Agency.


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Meet the East Region team

Johannes Hunschofsky

Managing Director, East Region

Katja Prinz

Program Manager EU & National Research & Innovation Projects

Gerhard Russ

Innovation Manager, East Region

Rayane Echikr

Innovation, Business, and Technology Intelligence Analyst

Jasmina Popovska

Head of Investments

Andreas Gams

Senior Business Creation Manager

Maxim Mommerency

Business Creation Manager

Mihail Stanev

Business Creation Manager

Anna Zambo

Business Creation Assistant

Diana Fonovich

Investment Manager

Gabriel Silini

Business Creation Assistant

Oleksandr Kalinchuk

Business Creation Assistant

Megi Witerna-Plaku

RIS Relationship Manager

Ľubica Šebeňová

Manager Slovakia & Government Relations

Rosina Preis

Competence and Knowledge Manager for EU Projects

Theresa Neuhauser

Communication Manager

Christine-Touaillon-Straße 11/29
1220 Wien

Nihada Prnjavorac

Communication Associate

Olga Morozova

Multimedia Manager and Project Communication

Simona Todorova

Communication Associate

Lukas Schwab

Communication Associate

Peter Kuen

Manager Austria & Governmental Relations

David Kames

Senior Project Manager

Markus Kleinfercher

Junior Project Manager

Sonia Palade

Office Manager

Carola Wisbar

HR Generalist & Event Manager

Ekaterina Ambrosch

Project Assistant 

Adrian Solomon

Manager Serbia

External projects

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