Industry Innovation Cluster (IIC)

About Industry Innovation Cluster (IIC)

The Industry Innovation Cluster (IIC) aims to bring together companies that are leaders in Slovak and in some cases in Europe or even global industry players, who want to move Slovakia and Europe forward in terms of competitiveness and innovation for our next generation. The IIC is a cross sectorial cluster which has several competitive advantages. For instance, the IIC has linked up industrial automotive companies which are dedicated to manufacturing. Also, it has put together European citizens who are interested in creating, innovating and in motivating the young to be a part of manufacturing.

IIC, as a cluster, has created a good and positive movement fully aligned with all European Strategies, including but not limited to the Industrial Strategy, as issued by the European Commission. IIC is a transparent partner to the Slovak government and other authorities and is recognized for a direct and positive approach towards high level objectives. Our advocacy is always aligned with existing programs and European strategies, with a special focus on climate changes issues and social lifestyle improvements based on democratic values.

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