V-Machina: Virtual Reality bringing together people and machines!

v-machina press releasev-machina press release

What Manufacturing/societal challenge does the project answer?

Upskilling the manufacturing workforce and offering hands-on training can be costly, requiring sophisticated equipment as well as travel.

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The team behind the project? 

The project is a cross-functional pan-European collaboration between SUPSI, Light and Shadows, CEA, Festo and RISE.

Our vision with V-Machina is to contribute to leading manufacturing into the metaverse, the next iteration of the internet, supporting decentralised, persistent online 3-D virtual environments. The innovative instruments we forged with the VME lower the barrier for creating and accessing new VR-based learning modules. We believe that V-Machina is supporting a pedagogical (r)evolution that will provide more inclusiveness and less discrimination, thanks to the exploitation of VR as an enabling technology.

Silvia Giordano, project leader and professor at EPFL & SUPSI