We empower European manufacturing with capable people

The future of manufacturing is, and will be, highly competitive, sustainable and resilient, enabled by technologies and talent.

Therefore, education and training should stimulate and support learners to build not only their technical skills but also transversal skills, to understand and operate in highly complex ecosystems.

Paola Fantini, Education Director

Our approach

Manufacturing is becoming an increasingly challenging and inspirational sector.

Its future is projected to be competitive, sustainable and resilient. EIT Manufacturing, with its education activities, wants to empower learners, students and employees, on both a transversal and a technical level. We do so by teaching them how to operate in complex ecosystem with real-life challenges.

Our activities are grouped under three groups:

  • Empower: Running EIT labelled Master and PhD programmes and professional training to develop a high-value learning journey for students and professionals.
  • Connect & Transform: Creating the infrastructures and learning experiences that enable individuals and organisations to network, skill, upskill and reskill within the Manufacturing Innovation Community. Offerings include short online units targeting the workforce and support for Teaching and Learning Factories.
  • Engage: Reaching out to pupils, youngsters, society at large and other industries to create reciprocal awareness, attraction, and involvement in manufacturing by bringing information and knowledge to the general public.

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Education Pillar

Paola Fantini Innovation DirectorPaola Fantini Innovation Director

Paola Fantini

Director of Education

Carolina Torregrosa Gallo

Education Programmes Manager

Natalie Cernecka

Strategic Education Project Manager

Isabel Vincent

Strategic Education Project Manager

Tamar Chapidze

Education Officer

Bernardina Churruca

Education Officer

Maria Fernanda Mier Vargas

Education Project Assistant

Education Development

Pavel KopylovPavel Kopylov

Pavel Kopylov

Education Developer, North Region

Xanthi Bampoula

Education Manager, South East Region

Master and Doctoral Programmes

Lucia Ramundo

Head of Master & Doctoral School

Prajwal Chandra

Master and PhD Marketing and Sales Manager

Natalia Kowalska

Master and PhD Officer

Digital Education (Skills.move learning platform)

Linda Ferro

Digital Education Manager

Hamid Alimardani

Digital Learning Officer

EIT Community Initiatives (HEI Initiative, Human Capital etc.)

Monika BlodgettMonika Blodgett

Monika Blodgett

Education Programme Manager EIT Community Initiatives

Taylor Hall

HEI Initiative Project Officer