Bringing more women into the entrepreneurship ecosystem!

Supernovas is a Cross-KIC programme that aims to increase the presence of women in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe.

The initiative will focus on having an ecosystem with more women in: the high-tech & deep-tech environments, more women entrepreneurs growing and getting funded, becoming active and lead investors in innovation, and hence shaping the innovations available in the market.

Fostering collaboration to reach a more equal and gender balanced entrepreneurial sector in Europe.

Entrepreneurship has a crucial role to play in Europe’s economic growth. Yet women entrepreneurs continue to face different gendered challenges, since they are students until they play a central role. By promoting women’s entrepreneurship, European societies could accelerate economic growth and women’s participation in the market place.

Supernovas is a programme developed by EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility. It takes into consideration the main existing barriers to improve the presence of women in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. It proposes activities that seek to unleash their potential to fill ecosystem gender gaps by identifying key groups of women and supporting them with specific instruments as best suited for the purpose. Activities address women with different ages, backgrounds and aspirations, all with the potential to set the path for future generations of women in the innovation ecosystem.

What are Supernovas’ activities?

  • Startup Stairway will identify startups and scaleups from high-tech or deep-tech fields seeking to hire more women and will match them with young women from STEM careers to support their first (or second) job in a startup.
  • Rocket Up will support women-led startups to maximize their growth and scale their business internationally.
  • Women2Invest will increase women in decision-making roles in the early-stage funding industry by educate women to gain the necessary skills to join the investment community as angel investors, venture capital fund or CVC fund, and support them to find a first job in a VC or CVC.
  • Women Leadership Programme will develop the leadership potential of women in science or entrepreneurship key positions, through the collaboration with the European Innovation Council.

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