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[EIT Success Story 2020]


EIT Manufacturing’s Doctoral School Programme is designed to identify and empower tomorrow’s manufacturing talents and entrepreneurs, and equip them with the right transversal skills to shape Europe’s industrial future. The programme provides a powerful mix of theory and practice and benefits from EIT Manufacturing’s network.

The EIT Manufacturing Doctoral School was established in 2020, with the first successful, fully virtual, Winter School organised between November and December 2020, training 28 enrolled PhD students and receiving excellent feedback. The programme continues in 2021, with the goal of inspiring more students to grow their skills, so they can shape tomorrow’s sustainable and competitive European manufacturing.

EIT Manufacturing estimates that up to 10% of graduated students will create a new business startup and another 10% will develop innovative products as output of their research and disruptive ideas. Ongoing collaboration with industries and research centres will contribute to a 90% employability rate of the post-PhD students, being eligible for highly specialised roles.

EIT Manufacturing’s Doctoral School has the aim of training more than 200 researchers and professionals by 2026, providing them a full path in innovation and entrepreneurship through industrial and international exposure. Its short programmes are intended to attract more than 1,000 PhD students worldwide, and are delivered through a Cooperation Agreement that involves seven leading universities across Europe.

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