Cookie Policy

This policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) aims to inform you about the way we, as data controller, collect your Personal Data through the “cookies” or “tracers” present on our Site, which can be consulted from the following address:


A cookie is a small text file deposited on a terminal (Computer, Smartphone, Tablet or any device allowing a connection), when visiting the pages of a site.

In general, a site may use cookies for multiple purposes, either for information purposes:

  • Information relating to your navigation between our pages to adapt it to the contents viewed by you and to display our Service to your terminal in order to improve your navigation;
  • To store information relating to a previously completed form, or relating to products, services or information from our Service;
  • To personalise our content and advertising according to the User’s interests;
  • To establish statistics and audience measurements on the use of our Site
  • Allow you to interact and share on social networks with which you already have a user account;
  • To optimise the distribution and evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising messages or the native messages of the digital communication that we send you.
  • Connecting Web services APIs to all native applications and/or to those of the site editor’s partners in order to provide the services requested by the user and to offer content of various kinds.

We comply with the joint provisions of the GDPR, the e-Privacy Directive, the Loi informatique et libertés, and the new guidelines of the CNIL dated 17 September 2020 regarding the cookies and or tracers we use.


We only use strictly necessary cookies:

  • To the operation of the site,


  • The provision of an online communication service at the express request of the user.

These cookies are considered to be of a functional nature for accessing the service, or providing a service to you.

In application of the provisions of article 82 of the Lil law interpreted in the light of the CNIL guidelines of 17/09/2020, these cookies are not subject to the user’s consent but the user must receive clear prior information on :

  • The functional nature of these cookies,
  • The purpose of the processing
  • Their shelf life,

A general summary of the information we owe you has been delivered to you by an interactive information banner managed by our CMP which welcomed you on your first visit to our pages to inform you that our cookies :

  • Are functional in nature,
  • That they are not subject to the principle of obtaining your consent.


  • Tracers retaining the choice expressed by users on the deposit of tracers ;
  • Tracers intended for authentication to a service, including those intended to ensure the security of the authentication mechanism, for example by limiting robotic or unexpected access attempts;
  • Tracers intended to keep track of the contents of a shopping cart on a commercial site or to invoice the user for the product(s) and/or service(s) purchased;
  • User interface customisation trackers (e.g. for language choice or service layout), where such customisation is an intrinsic and expected feature of the service;
  • Tracers for load balancing of equipment contributing to a communication service;
  • Tracers allowing paying sites to limit free access to a sample of content requested by users (predefined quantity and/or over a limited period);

From the list above, we use cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of our site, as summarised in the table below.

These are therefore set by default and are not subject to your consent.

We do not use any other cookies or trackers or fingerprint your browser.

That is, we do not generate a unique identifier for you from your browser’s fingerprint via “fingerprinting”, which is a method of collecting all the data a site can obtain when you visit one of our content pages using the https protocol in order to show you targeted advertisements based on your requests.

If we were to change our internal data management policy towards a marketing approach we would change our information policy and you would be informed of this through our cookie banner, which would require your consent.

We therefore recommend that you regularly consult our information notices, which are subject to change and adaptation.


The cookies we use for the operation of the site and for which we provide you with legal information are the following:

  1. Cookie name: cm_pref
    1. Type: Performance
    2. Used to save your settings in the cookie approval.
    3. Duration: 1 year
  2. Cookie name: cc_pref_tracking
    1. Type: Performance
    2. Used to save your preference regarding tracking cookies from third parties
    3. Duration: 1 year
  3. Cookie name: cc_pref_necessary
    1. Type: Performance
    2. Used to save your preference regarding necessary functional cookies, without which the website wouldn’t work properly
    3. Duration: 1 year
  4. Cookie name: cc_pref_marketing
    1. Type: Performance
    2. Used to save your preference regarding marketing third party cookies
    3. Duration: 1 year
  5. Cookie name: cc_pref_functional
    1. Type: Performance
    2. Used to store your preference regarding cookies that may make additional features work
    3. Duration: 1 year
  6. Cookie name: cc_pref_analytics_storage
    1. Type: Performance
    2. Used to store your preference on analytics cookies
    3. Duration: 1 year
  7. Cookie name: cc_pref_ad_user_data
    1. Type: Performance
    2. Used to save your preference regarding third party cookies which collect user data for promotional ads
    3. Duration: 1 year
  8. Cookie name: cc_pref_ad_storage
    1. Type: Performance
    2. Used to store your preference regarding third party cookies which store ad
    3. Duration: 1 year
  9. Cookie name: cc_pref_ad_personalization
    1. Type: Performance
    2. Used to store your preference on cookies which collect data to provide targeted ads
    3. Duration: 1 year
  10. Cookie name: _gcl_au
    1. Type: Tracking
    2. A third party cookie implemented as first party cookie to track advertising campaigns from Google
    3. Duration: 90 days
  11. Cookie name: _fbp
    1. Type: Tracking
    2. A third party cookie implemented as first party cookie to track advertising campaigns from Meta (Facebook)
    3. Duration: 90 days


These Cookies offer Users the possibility to share our content on their social networks.

They therefore also allow social networks to target their advertising offers, as they are able to track your browsing and build a profile of your interests.

By the action of sharing from our site you send to the social network data that allows them to identify you by your origin (our site), they can thus having identified your origin record the metadata of the page that you share, and follow your navigation by drawing conclusions to elaborate a profile of your centres of interest

Social network cookies are managed by the publisher of the social network and the user is invited to read the cookie management policy of these networks on their own website:

We do not share with social networks any analysis reports on your interactions from your content shares.

It is therefore up to you to give your consent to the collection of data from their internal cookies from the cookie banner that will be presented on the homepage of the social networks during your interactions.


If you are browsing on Google Chrome: you can manage your settings via the following link

If you are browsing on Safari: you can manage your settings via the following link:

If you are using Firefox: you can manage your settings via the following link:

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can manage your settings via the following link:


Modifications :

We may amend this Policy to incorporate regulatory, legal, editorial or technical developments that raise the level of protection for your Personal Information. In the case of minor changes, we will change the “last updated” date to indicate the date the changes were made.

If we were to use cookies, in particular third-party cookies subject to your consent, we would of course supplement this information policy and offer you the usual consent or refusal notices on our cookie banner.


If you have any questions about this Policy, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to

You have the right to access, rectify, delete and port your data and you can also oppose the processing of your data and, if necessary, request that it be limited.

You can also define the fate of your data post-mortem.

To exercise these rights, please contact us by e-mail at the above address (Mettre point de contact), providing proof of your identity.

In any case, you can always file a complaint with a control authority, i.e. the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL), since our site is subject to French law, in connection with the processing that we carry out: or by mail to CNIL 3, Place de Fontenoy, TSA 80715 – TEL 01 53 73 22 22.

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Last updated: 18/06/2024