EIT Manufacturing’s Innovation initiatives promote new products, services, processes and integrated solutions that respond to existing and anticipated future manufacturing challenges.

Do you want to network with your peers and learn about new trends? Do you want to have your say in the selection of focus areas? Then our social network and open innovation platform, AGORA, is right for you.

Our aim is to ensure adoption of innovations, with manufacturers as end-users, and to improve market reach and robust scale-up.

In order to achieve our aim, we work on connecting people and ideas, exploring challenges and solutions, and executing selected projects.

Specific Innovation activities:

  • Build an ecosystem, facilitate networking, diffuse technology intelligence and identify future trends e.g. through the Enabling Technologies and Customer Radar, a powerful digital tool for technology foresight and business intelligence that provides solid information to launch innovation hotspots).
  • Select and prioritise innovation hotspots, broker subjects and support launch of projects e.g. through AGORA, our social network and open innovation platform, which ensures all sides of the knowledge triangle are considered.
  • Accelerate potential technologies and business models towards a higher level of readiness. We co-fund innovation projects with the aim of reaching the market. Important markers are marketed innovations, startup creation and industrialisation.
  • Drive the transformation of the existing manufacturing ecosystem in Europe by fostering adoption of new technologies and business models.

Join AGORA: Our Social Innovation network

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EIT Manufacturing is headquartered in Paris-Saclay and has six Co-Location Centres (CLCs) across Europe.

EIT Manufacturing’s Co-Location Centres (CLCs) are strategically situated to link regions that have high levels of manufacturing activity and advanced technology.