Human in the AI loop (HiAi)

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The “Human in the AI Loop” project  aims at giving shopfloor managers the competencies and software toolbox they need to use, and collaborate with, data-based artificial intelligence (DB-AI) systems.

We define DB-AI systems as software agents that can automatically create knowledge from data (e.g., automatic machine failure classification) and provide recommendations to humans or directly control a system. Although the technology is believed to yield significant disruption and improvement potential for production processes, shopfloor managers have yet to be sufficiently up-skilled to identify potential benefits of DB-AI systems in their facilities and interact with this new technology.

What will the project result in?

The project will create learning material that provides deep knowledge of AI use cases, as well as the concept for an AI-toolbox, thereby enabling the introduction and collaboration of DB-AI in production facilities.

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TU Darmstadt

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Festo Didactic

TU Darmstadt

Politecnico di Milano

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