The Manufacturing Data Excellence Framework

The framework provides a guide to developing new analytics capabilities and partnerships, giving manufacturers a playbook for extracting greater value from their data

While most manufacturers have now begun their journey towards manufacturing data excellence, many are still struggling to capture significant value from it. A 2021 study, surveying over 1300 manufacturing executives, revealed that just 39% had successfully scaled data-driven use cases beyond the production process of a single product and thus achieved a clearly positive business case

To accelerate the development of globally connected manufacturing data ecosystems, the World Economic Forum and its community have developed a Manufacturing Data Excellence Framework. The framework helps companies develop new capabilities, build new partnerships and evaluate the maturity of their data-driven applications. They can also use it to assess their progress in establishing the organisational and technological enablers required to extract value from data at a company, supply chain and ecosystem level.

How can the manufacturing industry master the data and analytics revolution? Successful manufacturers must ensure a value focus in the selection of application, build a solid technological backbone and put organisational key success factors in place.