About the project

Transforming imagination into reality.

The project ‘The Future of the European Manufacturing System’ builds on previous collaboration for ‘The Future of Manufacturing 2030 – Fixing Our Future’, aiming to translate the vision into practice, deepen research and seek validation from communities of practice, stakeholders, and other relevant actors within the landscape of European manufacturing. Challenges in the European manufacturing sector have not changed, with most becoming more complex, interwoven, and accelerated. The time for action is now. The Future of European Manufacturing is a paper that aims to make the vision tangible. It gives an overview of shared themes and learnings for the Future of the European Manufacturing System and unpacks perspectives on key concepts and technologies that will shape the future of circular, digital, and sustainable manufacturing in Europe.

Co-creating insights and solutions.

Using a collaborative, futures design approach as a guiding structure, an intensive and extensive desktop research and horizon scanning was carried out, alongside conducting 16 industry expert interviews from inside and outside EIT Manufacturing to explore the future of the industry.

On top of this, workshops were facilitated with various groups of stakeholders to build upon research findings towards co-creating a vision for desired and preferable futures for manufacturing. All of this resulted in insights, learnings, and an overview of shared perspectives for change and action within the manufacturing system in Europe. Ultimately to transform stories of change and hopeful visions, into realities and solutions.

The Future of European Manufacturing System is an inspiring overview for EIT Manufacturing that serves as an invitation for all stakeholders within its community to not only explore the future, but to also use this as a tangible backbone and proofing tool for future funding, strategy, and communications. This paper not only gives an overview of shared themes and learnings for the Future of the European Manufacturing System, but the process of participatory collective futuring to reach these insights also gave stakeholders the opportunity to better understand or imagine future competencies needed, while opening a dialogue around how to work together in the future.

January 2023

List of contributors

Matthias Weigold
George Chryssolouris
Ramon Antelo
David Peck
Christopher Krammer
Philipp Horner
Roberto Sarracco
Eleonora Marino
Patrick Grosa
Martin Plutz
Greta Monstavice
Maurizio Gattiglio
Nikolaos Papakostas
Katty Ailiesei
Marek Kotelnicki
Xavier Ballard
Klaus Beetz
Amardeep Banerjee
Wolfgang Kniejski
Nina Näsman
Paola Fantini
Edoardo Rota
Johanna Stiernstedt
Johannes Hunschofsky
Konstantinos Georgoulias
Niki Kousi
Christian Bölling