Starting out with an optimistic vision.

When talking about the future, there are expectations of working towards reducing uncertainty and volatility in the world. However, for many sectors, manufacturing included, greater uncertainty and challenges have become prevalent over the past years. Questions around how to ensure that a fair human-centred transformation is also a green transformation, what will we be producing in a future where resources are limited, and how to future-proof factories in 2030, considering people, planet and profit, just scratch the surface of areas that urgently need addressing.

Therefore, in 2021, EIT Manufacturing developed a vision for the future of Manufacturing in Europe in 2030, called ‘Fixing Our Future’. It presents an optimistic view of what manufacturing in Europe could become, a shared vision of hope for the present and a desired future, to meet the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of generations to come. Within this vision, ethics, circularity, and collaboration emerged as important themes for EIT Manufacturing in the future. With this vision and the stories of change, EIT Manufacturing created a guiding star for new and better futures for the European Manufacturing System.

This compelling vision and future-oriented storytelling aims to inspire thought leadership and help us consider how the decision-making of today will impact the generations of tomorrow. However, to achieve change and truly ‘fix’ our future, we need ideas, products, technologies, services, and processes that build towards the realisation of these imaginations. This is where ‘The Future of European Manufacturing System’ project comes into play.
Below an overview of the various deliverables over the last two years. Starting from the vision ‘The Future of Manufacturing 2030 – Fixing Our Future’ in the middle, to enablers: Future Pillars of Change and Future Spheres of Action.

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