EuroCC Austria partners with EIT Manufacturing CLC East to support the use of artificial intelligence in manufacturing

EuroCC Austria and the EIT Manufacturing Co-Location Center East just recently signed a cooperation agreement to provide training, educational content, and expertise tailored to the needs of manufacturing companies and their service providers.

Vienna, 10th February 2022. Innovative products, automation, and optimisation — these are a few of many reasons to integrate digital technologies into manufacturing processes. Computer-aided engineering, such as the simulation of prototypes with the help of high-performance computing (HPC), has a long tradition in manufacturing. With the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the production and products themselves are becoming large data sources that require the application of big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). To help companies make use of HPC, AI and Big Data, EuroCC Austria and the Vienna-based Co-Location Center (CLC) East of the renowned knowledge and innovation community EIT Manufacturing will jointly facilitate knowledge transfer in this field. EIT Manufacturing is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union. The EIT supports the development of dynamic pan-European partnerships between leading companies, research institutes and universities.

“Our partnership will ensure that the industry is up-to-date on the latest available technology. Digital transformation is a challenging process, and we are glad to be supporting the needs of the manufacturing sector together with such an excellent partner as Johannes Hunschofsky and his team
,” states Christoph Dellago, project lead of EuroCC Austria.

Johannes Hunschofsky, Director EIT Manufacturing CLC East, Christoph Dellago, Project Lead EuroCC Austria

Training and education

EuroCC Austria will contribute to diverse training programmes of EIT Manufacturing — mainly in the area of AI, and there are plans to expand to HPC in the future. The programme will include workshops and a series of short videos introducing the toolset and use cases of AI in manufacturing.

A special focus will be on Machine Learning (ML) applications that streamline data analytics and automate workflows to help save costs and time resources. For instance, manufacturing benefits greatly from computer vision: it advances quality control by detecting defective items on a production line, inspecting packaging, scanning barcodes and text labels. ML is also indispensable for high-performance data analytics — to detect changing scenarios and respond to them in real time, to make forecasts based on time series data, and better understand what’s going on in the machine park. These and other AI tools help companies make informed business decisions and boost productivity.

Technical support

Through the partnership, manufacturing companies will also get support in the implementation of HPC, AI and Big Data technologies. “We have a broad network and experience in successfully bringing our customers to the next level in the area of HPC, AI and Big Data. These topics are our core competence. The synergies with the network and the competences of EIT Manufacturing are manifold and for the stakeholders interested in HPC/AI/Big Data in manufacturing it is a perfect match,” says Harald Grill, Industry Relations Manager at EuroCC Austria.

EuroCC Austria and EIT Manufacturing are driven by the shared vision that it takes an interconnected network of experts across all fields of technology to secure sustainable industrial growth. Merging the expertise of EuroCC Austria with the industry know-how of EIT Manufacturing offers industry stakeholders a practical way to obtain the comprehensive solutions they need.

“AI and High-Performance-Computing are hot topics in today’s manufacturing world. The cooperation with EuroCC Austria enriches our broad EIT Manufacturing network immensely and joining our forces will be of great benefit for our whole ecosystem. In the field of education and life-long-learning, we are planning on offering various high-quality trainings in the fields of High-Performance-Computing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence,” says Johannes Hunschofsky, Managing Director of EIT Manufacturing CLC East.

Companies are welcome to reach out with inquiries for workshops, trainings, funding support, or consultation to both institutions.

From left: Christoph Dellago, Project Lead, EuroCC Austria; Carola Wisbar, Administrative Assistant, EIT Manufacturing CLC East; Johannes Hunschofsky, Director, EIT Manufacturing CLC East; Sonia Palade, Office Manager, EIT Manufacturing CLC East; Harald Grill, Industry Relations Manager, EuroCC Austria; Theresa Neuhauser, Communication Manager, EIT Manufacturing; Markus Stöhr, Task Leader, EuroCC Austria