Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives – CEA

CEA is a French public research and technology organisation in the areas of energy, defense and security, life sciences and information technologies. With a staff of 16,000 people CEA was named by Reuters the World’s most Innovative Research Institution. CEA’s technology research division brings new technologies to industry partners, including artificial intelligence, robotics, cybersecurity, vision, semantics, communications, additive manufacturing, nanomaterials, energy and microelectronics. CEA is a founding member of France’s national manufacturing platform Alliance Industrie du Futur. It operates in a large number of manufacturing platforms across France, including the national manufacturing programme FactoryLab, the flexible manufacturing testbed FFLOR.

CEA Logo

Address: Commissariat a l’energie atomique et aux energies alternatives, Institut List | CEA Saclay Nano-INNOV | Bat. 861-PC1043. 8 Avenue de la Vauve, F-91120 Palaiseau
Tel: +33 603 11 45 19