Strategically based in Brussels, CECIMO represents the interests of the machine tools industry and related manufacturing technologies at the EU and international level. CECIMO promotes the competitiveness of our industry, which has always been catalysed by investing in digitisation, sustainability and innovation.

CECIMO contributes to a business-friendly environment that markets the most competitive manufacturing solutions worldwide. We bring together approximately 1500 industrial enterprises in Europe (EU + EFTA + Turkey + UK), over 80% of which are SMEs.

For the European manufacturing community, this partnership and cooperation, between CECIMO and EIT Manufacturing, means added value of strategic importance for the future in the machine tool sector and advanced manufacturing.

This will be a great opportunity not only to address common challenges but also to move forward together and achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote industry-driven and cross-sectoral initiatives that accelerate advanced manufacturing and digital businesses.
  • Align on key issues and establish new strategies to promote the EU’s sustainable manufacturing.
  • Support SMEs in the strategic shift toward the adoption of digital technologies to enable the business growth.
  • Foster partnerships, training, and education programs to tap into the full potential of the new technologies

The manufacturing sector has always been driven by innovation and technological change. A cooperative synergy between policymakers and industry stakeholders is crucial to foster innovation, speed up the adoption of emerging technologies and develop companies of the future. The latter will employ all the instruments to tackle the next decades in terms of preparedness, competitiveness, innovation and security.

Filip Geerts, Director General, CECIMO

Further information

CECIMO magazine

On the occasion of the CECIMO fall meetings, CECIMO annually publishes a magazine – in 2022, it is dedicated to “Sustainable Manufacturing in the Digital Age“. EIT Manufacturing had the honour of contributing – see pages 23/24 and 57. Further issues of the magazine are accessible here.


Regular updates can be found in the news section – also press releases, e.g. about the 2022 fall meetings.

Further publications

If you are interested in position papers and further publications, please consult their publications page.