Joanneum Research

Joaenneum Research

JOANNEUM RESEARCH – the INNOVATION COMPANY – is a business oriented provider of innovation and technology (RTO). It is linked to a worldwide network and provides leading research according to the highest international standard. Focussing on applied research and technology development, it maintains a key role in technology and knowledge transfer.

At JOANNEUM RESEARCH, more than 250 interdisciplinary experts work in the area of »Information and Production Technologies« for national and international clients and together with partners in the following areas of research:

  • Digitalization in production
  • Optimization of production technologies and processes
  • Climate-neutral production

JOANNEUM RESEARCH’s contribution can range from initial analyses and feasibility studies up to the development of industrial solutions for quality assurance systems, production processes and technologies, materials and the analysis of industrial production data, depending on the area of application.

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