Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE)

The Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE) is the entrepreneurship center of Munich University of Applied Sciences and was founded in 2002 by the Falk F. Strascheg Foundation. As an affiliated institute, we are firmly anchored in the university world.

We promote innovation and entrepreneurship through interactive educational offers, start-up support, research, projects with corporate partners and network activities. The aim is to motivate and empower people to think and act entrepreneurially and thus to contribute to a future worth living in.

In our network, we bring entrepreneurial students, founders and intrapreneurs together with scientists and international experts, successful entrepreneurs, cross-industry corporate partners and investors. Active exchange with many partners and companies promotes our open community.

We combine the best of different worlds: As a scientific institute of a large German university, as an innovation laboratory and research facility, as a think tank, start-up incubator and as part of a cross-societal learning community. In this way, we actively contribute to shaping social change and establishing a comprehensive culture of innovation.